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About Specialty Van City

In early 1982, owner Eric opened up Auto Care Center. Over the years there was an increased demand for Sprinter Van service and repair so in 2007 Eric opened up Speciality Van City, formally known as Sprinter Van City .

Over the years Speciality Van City has serviced over 1000 Sprinter vans from all over the country. They have shipped Sprinter Vans throughout the US.

Speciality Van City offers a fly or drive away program. Of course we can ship and transport your van anywhere within the US, or you can fly in and drive your new van back!




  • We have over 30 years experience
  • We have the largest facility in Florida
  • We can ship anywhere
  • We have a large inventory of parts
  • We’re serviced over 1000+ vans


  • Eric and crew may be called Speciality Van City, but to me, they are the premier Mercedes-Benz repair center in the country. Needing basic service and having problems with my sprinter, we used to have to drive all the way to Atlanta to find the only other quality sprinter specialist. Of course, the other option was to go to the Benz dealership. Not only is the dealership expensive, but they do not have the expertise that I found with Eric. I stumbled upon Eric’s business while searching the web for an alternative Benz care specialist rather than the ones mentioned above.

    My daughter and I make our living towing boats across the country. We both live and work with our sprinter. This is the reason having someone like Eric to both consult with and correct any problems that could possibly come along is nothing but a godsend. Upon first meeting Eric, he grabbed the bulls by the horns, jumped into the passenger seat of my sprinter, commanded me to start driving and imminently started analyzing and forming remedies for problems that I knew I had in addition to ones he detected. Right then, we bestowed upon him the title of “professor”. It was quite obvious from the start, his knowledge and expertise thrived from building and rebuilding sprinters for the last 8 years. His knowledge, trouble shooting, and problem solving is second to none compared to the many sprinter service centers I’ve been to anywhere in the country. He is truly is a fountain of knowledge and an asset that we value greatly.

    William & Lorraine Keenan

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